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Reviews & Testimonials

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Betty Little

September 3rd

We were so impressed with the job Parties by Pat did for our dinner party at our home on September 10. Pat met with me in person a week before the dinner and we finalized the menu. He was very open to changing the menu options We discussed the menu, the presentation and even the dishes that the food would be served in. He was very thorough and you knew without a doubt that he understood food and, more importantly, understood his clients' needs. I have been to catered dinner parties before so I was able to compare other experiences with this one. I can say, without any doubt, that Parties by Pat is professional, down to earth, and downright delicious. Pat made a couple of different appetizers to serve with pre-dinner drinks Dinner was served right on time and the guests enjoyed every morsel. We finished the meal with a beautiful dessert. At the end of the evening, Pat left our kitchen sparkling clean and he even packaged up some leftovers for us. It was such a treat to have Pat take care of the cooking, serving and cleanup. We just sat back and enjoyed our evening with our friends. In fact we have asked Pat to cater for our next dinner party next week! We found Pat's prices very reasonable and worth every penny. I highly recommend Parties by Pat. Thank you Pat for a job well ​done. Your love of cooking and food is very evident.

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From Google

"We hired Pat for an anniversary with friends, and we couldn't be happier. The meal was fantastic, and Pat is as professional as he is friendly... he even cleaned all the dishes so that we could relax and enjoy the evening! We'll definitely be using Pat's services again in the future, and we'll be recommending him to any who ask." - Ted C.

Monty & Roma Paul

October 31, 2019

Chef Pat catered our 40th Anniversary party for 20 adults and 3 children. He was professional in his approach and was easy to work with.


Chef Pat did the shopping, preparation, cooking with his own utensils, serving, and the clean-up. We highly recommend the appetizers of Stuffed Mussels and Cucumber Roulades, the side dish Shrimp Stuffed Avocados, and the Crème Brule for dessert.


It was such a treat to have someone in charge of feeding our guests so we could relax and enjoy the evening.

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